Confessions of a Real Bride: Hala Lukasha

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Confessions of a Real Bride: Hala Lukasha

Every couple has a story of how they first met, whether by coincidence or by arrangement, every love story has a begining.

Hala Lukasha, from Jordan, met Ahmad Kamal, from Egypt, in Dubai!

The couple met through mutual friends while on vacation in Dubai, and it was love at first sight.

The couple had a small engagement in Jordan, and celebrated their wedding in Egypt.

Hala shared her wedding planning experience with us, and this is what she has to say:

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hala and ahmad wedding

  • When was the wedding held and where?

We got married on April, 30, 2016, at the Novotel Hotel in 6 Ocotber, Cairo.

  • What is the biggest advice you can give any bride or groom-to-be?

For brides who are planning their wedding in a different country, you always need to trust your instinct when it comes to planning your wedding, and you must be flexible as well, since you can't be on top of the wedding planning process from A to Z you need to compromise and be felxible in some details.

Egypt Wedding of hala and ahmad

  • What was the theme or color scheme you picked for your wedding?

Since the wedding was held outdoors, we chose some bright colored flowers in shades of pink and white, and chose gold tables and chairs to add some sparkle.

The wedding was a summery tropical theme, but yet very elegant and simple.

  • Do you recommend specific suppliers you worked with?

Photography: OJO Creative Studios, Egypt

Wedding Dress: Pronovias, Amman

DJ: Hisham Sabra, Egypt

Click here for more pictures of Hala and Ahmad's wedding!

bridal bouquet\

  • What was the most difficult and stressful part of wedding planning?

The biggest challenge of planning a wedding abroad is the hassle of having your entire family and friends on board, arranging their accomodations, and all the other details.

wedding in egypt

  • Did you face any surprises?

I absolutely did! There are a few surprises I can mention, one was when my friend Nadine and neice Sarah checked the wedding cake at noon, it was nothing like we wanted it to be! It was small with 3 layers and no flowers on it, but luckily after talking to the chef and showing him the pictures, he was kind enough to start all over and make a bigger wedding cake with pink and white blooms.

Wedding Cake

The other surprise was a great one, as Ahmad surprised us all by booking famous belly dancer Dina to our wedding, everyone was surprised and super excited to see her and watch her perform.

Belly dancer Dina

dina belly dancer

The last surprise was having two of our very close friends perform a special song they worked on for our wedding, it made the night very special.