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Confessions of a Real Bride: Haneen Al-Terawi

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Confessions of a Real Bride: Haneen Al-Terawi

Haneen Al-Terawi and Mohammad Omar met at university, and became good friends. Mohammad confessed his love to her on her birthday, November 29th, 2010, she introduced him to her mother a while after that and they got engaged on November 20th, 2011.

  • Where and when was your wedding held?

Our wedding was held at Al-Numan Halls on April 13th, 2013.

  • Did you hire a wedding planner or planned your wedding yourself? How was your experience?

At first, I looked for a wedding planner but I wanted so many things and they all asked for a lot of money, so I decided to become my own wedding planner. I started by collecting pictures and ideas on Facebook and Arabia Weddings, I called many flower shops until I got a great deal on the centerpieces and bouquet.

I then visited the wedding hall, and they gave me great offers and supplies.

I had to do everything myself because my husband lives in Saudi Arabia and I was in Jordan, so all he did was transfer the money. I basically planned everything myself, from the wedding to the honeymoon to the groom’s suit!

More pictures of Haneen and Mohammad's wedding here!

  • What is the biggest advice you can give any bride-to-be when planning for her wedding?

Don’t be in a hurry to hire a wedding planner, because every bride can plan the day of her dreams.

Keep it simple and don’t overdo it. Pick your songs and make sure you pick a great DJ because he will be the main reason behind the wedding being fun or boring.

Also, make sure you keep checking all the details and confirm everything days before the wedding. Always be friendly to your wedding suppliers, be nice and polite, if they like you they will work hard to make your wedding a dream come true.

  • Did you pick a certain theme or color scheme? What was it?

Our wedding was in the beginning of Spring so I picked the lights to vary from red to pink to purple and blue, I chose white flowers to reflect the lights.

"Keep it simple and don’t overdo it"

  • Do you recommend specific suppliers you worked with?

Haneen Awwad, the owner of the page “Kol Ma Yakhos Al Aroos.”

  • What was the most difficult and stressful part of wedding planning?

I wanted a classic car but I didn’t find anything that I liked, another difficult thing was finding the right dress.

  • Did you face any surprises? If so how did you deal with them?

When it was time to throw the bouquet I couldn’t find it, so I threw 3 flowers instead. And the car decorations fell off.

Look at more pictures of Haneen and Omar's wedding!

  • Do you consider yourself as a relaxed bride or more of a bridezilla?

Thank God everything went as planned, I was not worried at all. Although my husband was worried he would arrive late to the wedding.

  • How can you best describe your wedding and the planning process?

It was great, everyone was dancing and even my relatives who I never expected to dance did.
The wedding was separated at first but the last hour it was mixed.

Usually the bride and groom stay in the Kosha when the men come in the hall but we decided to take pictures as I wore my hijab. So we entered the hall once again on a Palestinian zaffeh.

As for the centerpieces, it was a fake bird in a cage decorated with flowers, and the guests were asked to take them home as a souvenir from the wedding.

At the beginning of the wedding we had a few doves fly away. As for the men’s hall, we had a live singer to entertain them.

"Arabia Weddings helped out a lot especially with picking my honeymoon destination...

and helping me know the best places to visit in Thailand."

  • Did Arabia Weddings help you in your wedding planning?

It helped out a lot especially with picking my honeymoon destination and helping me know the best places to visit in Thailand.
It gave me great tips on how to choose the perfect lighting and centerpiece.
I also learned a lot from other brides from the “Real Weddings” sections and that is why I decided to share my confessions.