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Confessions of a Real Bride: Rawan Mihyar

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Confessions of a Real Bride: Rawan Mihyar

Rawan and Amin met by coincidence while they were both at college.

They soon became very good friends and fell in love.

Their wedding was held at Everest Hotel in Amman on 15 November, 2013.

Here is what Rawan had to say about her wedding planing:

  • Did you hire a wedding planner or planned the wedding yourself?

As Everest Hotel has its own wedding planner that we have to use, we agreed with them on the details of the wedding theme, and the journey to plan the wedding reception started.

  • What is the biggest advice you can give any bride-to-be?

Stay calm, and don’t take any hasty decisions.

Pay attention to the details to make it a memorable event for your wedding guests. And finally enjoy every moment of your wedding.

  • What was the theme or color scheme you picked for your wedding?

I wanted something classy so I chose gold for my wedding’s theme.

  • Do you recommend specific suppliers you worked with?

I advise every bride to go to Souhail & Bob salon! They were very professional and pampered me all the time.

I also recommend Suha Abu Laban as a photographer, she’s such a nice person, I loved dealing with her and loved her untraditional photography ideas.

  • What was the most difficult and stressful part of wedding planning?

I started getting nervous a few days before the wedding, and I was worried whether the wedding details that I ordered will be implemented.

As far as the wedding day itself, I was really nervous the moment I left my house and later as I was entering the wedding ballroom.

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"Stay calm, and don’t take any hasty decisions"

  • Did you face any surprises?

Every wedding has a few surprises, but I didn’t face anything major or any problem.

  • Do you consider yourself as a relaxed bride or more of a bridezilla?

A little bit. We were a bit nervous on our wedding day, but as the wedding reception got going we were in a different world. I consider myself as a calm bride and I enjoyed every moment of my wedding.

Describe your wedding day and the planning process.

It was an exhausting day of course, but it was also amazing.

Click here to see more pictures of Rawan and Amin's wedding!

  • Did Arabia Weddings help you in your wedding planning?

Yes, I actually found my wedding venue through Arabia Weddings, and got a lot of ideas from it as well.