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7 Questions to Ask Your Fiancé Before You Get Married

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7 Questions to Ask Your Fiancé Before You Get Married

Engagement period is always a suitable time to discuss your marriage with your partner; it is a phase where you will learn new things about each other.

The engagement period is exactly in the middle of being committed but not yet officially set, which is why couples should be very smart in this transitional period, and address their marriage expectations to each other.

Here are some questions you need to ask and discuss with your partner before you are officially married:

#1 How do you think we should raise our kids?

#2 What roles do you want me to take on after we’re married?

#3 How do you want me to support you when you’re going through a hard time?

#4 How will we spend holidays?

#5 Are you willing to relocate for a job?

#6 How much money do we earn together? Now? In one year? In 5 years?

#7 How ambitious are you? Are we comfortable with the other's level of ambition?

  • Remember to Compromise: If you both believe strongly in something and can’t seem to convince each other, then compromising is one way to go, find a common ground that you both feel comfortable at.