8 Tips to Get Through Your Wedding Drama-Free

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8 Tips to Get Through Your Wedding Drama-Free


Do you sometimes get the feeling that this happy occasion meant to unite two people in love, has been blown way out of proportion and turned into a task of making sure you are pleasing everyone, but yourself?

Weddings can be quite overpowering. And although it might seem difficult at times, and you feel like everyone has taken over your big day, you can still stay grounded and get the wedding of your dreams. Just take a deep breath, and read these helpful tips on how to get through this sometimes overwhelming journey…


1.Choose Your Battles: You should set your priorities straight from the very beginning. Know what really matters to you; what is worth fighting for, and what you can compromise in.


2.Learn When To Say No: We’ve been brought up to think that standing our ground and saying no can be perceived as rude or ungrateful. But sometimes, you need to learn how to say no, politely of course, but firmly.


3.But Learn When To Just Say Yes: With choosing your battles comes knowing what really matters, and what you can live without. For example, if your mother insists you wear her pearl earrings to the wedding, and you know it means so much to her, (and not so much to you) just go with it.


 4.Learn To Let Go Of The Little Details: Yes, sometimes the greater things in life lie in the little details, but is it really that big of a deal to control every little detail of the wedding?


5.Voice Yourself: If there is something that is really worrying you, or just not going down right, talk to your partner about it. Be calm, and be pragmatic. State the issue and always follow it with a solution or a recommendation.


6.You Can’t Control Everything, and Everyone: No really, even subconsciously, you might think that you are able to take control over this whole event, but you can’t. So delegate.


7.Relax: At the end of the day, this is a joyous occasion and everyone around you is happy for you. People are going to be caught up in the moment and being there for you, no one is going to notice if there are a few hick ups here or there. Just enjoy yourself.


8.Think Of The Bigger Picture: Both of you are gaining so much out of this: Each other! You both have two families now instead of one, and you are embarking on a wonderful journey with each other. Think positive.




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