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Dos and Don’ts in Long Period Engagements

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Dos and Don’ts in Long Period Engagements

Long period engagement can have positive and negative sides, there can be times when you face more difficulties in keeping a healthy relationship and focusing on future wedding plans. But to help you out here are a few tips that every couple in a long engagement should know.

Don’t Pretend: Long period engagements will let you know your partner more and give you more time to think about your life with him/her. If you feel you are changing certain parts of your life and even dreams and goals just because they don’t fit well with your partner, then you should probably know this is a sign that you’re not happy. So instead try discussing this issue with your partner, tell him/her how you feel and maybe you can both meet halfway.

Don’t Wait for Perfect Circumstances: Don’t  wait for the perfect time in both your lives to get married, and keep postponing your wedding day because it doesn’t  fit in your schedules, life moves on and there is always something going on, so if you love each other and want to get married, why wait?

Include Your Families: Your family members especially older ones, have been waiting for you to get married your whole life! So they might feel like outsiders and even a bit upset if you ignore their advice and don’t ask for help in planning the wedding. So be considerate and let everyone show you how much they care.

Avoid Awkward Situations: Your single life is no longer the same once you’re engaged, for example your ex messaged you out of the blue? Make sure you let them know you are engaged and inform your partner about your actions, be honest and don’t put yourself in compromising situations.

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