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Get Creative with Your Proposal

Do you want to propose to the one you love, but you don’t know how? Well with Valentine's Day and love in the air; grab this opportunity to propose on this special day.

Read these proposal ideas to get some inspiration!

For a Private Proposal:

-Buy a box of chocolate and replace one of the chocolates with the ring you bought. Your partner will be shocked that you only got them a box of chocolate, but once you get them to open it, you will get the sweetest "yes" ever!


-If you are considering proposing to her in a restaurant, don't hide the ring in the food for 2 very obvious reasons: 1) Let’s face it, it's been done over and over again, in real life and on screen. 2) You don’t want her to end up in the ER! So think of something different, ask the chef if he could write the phrase "will you marry me?" on the dessert plate. Do stay traditional by getting down on one knee.


-You want to go all out? Rent a limo, wear your suit, get the flowers, chocolate and ring of course! Once you arrive to her house, get out of the sunroof, declare your love and propose.


-Wear your proposal! Print, "will you marry me?" on a t-shirt and wear it for her to see.


-Hide the ring in a Fortune Cookie with the note "marry me" inside. (Try steaming them open to hide the ring or take her for dinner to a Chinese restaurant where you have planned this in advance with the chef.)


-Propose in the air. Register for a tour in a plane and propose when you are up in the sky or in a hot air balloon.


-Make her go on a hunt. Provide clues that lead her to all your favorite spots through town, with a clue in each spot leading to the other. The last hint will lead her to you, on one knee.


For a More Public Proposal:

-Going to a party? Ask the DJ to give you the microphone and propose to her in front of everyone. You can also dedicate a song you can dance to when you get your “yes!” If she happens to be more of a private person, you might want to stick to the previous section of Private Proposals.

-How about proposing on YouTube? Keep up with the trends and upload your proposal for her to watch.

-Use your friends as signs and make them wear your proposal. Print out a letter or word on each t-shirt and make them come to wherever you are.

-Air your proposal on the radio; dedicate a song to your loved one and propose, but make sure she is listening.

-Say it with graffiti. Ask a graffiti artist to spray-paint a colorful proposal on a wall. Make sure you video tape or take pictures of that moment.


-Throw her a surprise proposal party. Gather all your close friends on Valentine's Day and take her there without knowing. Have a huge sign or banner ready when they all come out to surprise her! Or better yet, make them shout out "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" as you get down on one knee.


Remember that no matter how you decide to propose, the most important thing is to show her how much she really means to you and that you want to spend the rest of your life with her, speak from the heart!