Horoscope Spotlight: Scorpio October 24-November 22

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Horoscope Spotlight: Scorpio October 24-November 22

Scorpios have a very complicated personality. They are very loyal and protective towards friends and loved ones.

Scorpios are also good actors. They would do anything to accomplish their goals. In relationships, they could be dangerously jealous, but they are also passionate and caring.

Element: Water
Ruled By: Mars and Pluto
Birthstone: Topaz

What is your horoscope hiding for you this month in love and marriage?

According to astrologist Maggie Farah:

“A lot of emotional difficulties for scorpio this time, especially when doubt interferes into ongoing problems, hence it is advisable for scorpios to think before they speak, however, emotional stability will crown the end of 2012.”

And, according to Carmen Chammas:

“Scorpio will be facing many contradictions. This may include many good moments and a lot of bad ones.”


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