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How to Deal With Jealousy

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How to Deal With Jealousy

Jealousy can cause many psychological conflicts and threaten the harmony of a couple. Marriage is based on a strong and loving relationship between the man and woman, where each of them has to offer love and kindness to their partner. One should also protect and support their other half.

Jealousy from the other's success:
Many men have their wives to thank for their success, as they stood by them and offered them support, love and care. On the other hand, a wife also has career ambition and needs her husband to stand by her and push her to reach her goal and be successful.

Some men tend to be jealous of their wife’s achievements and success, and feel threatened by that success. Some might even subconsciously put obstacles in her way. They might even try and belittle what she gains from her work and career, and make it seem like a waste of time.
As a husband, one should support his wife and hold her hand, guide her and protect her through her way to success, as a couple he should understand that her success is also his and vice versa.

Emotional Jealousy:
This is the most familiar and common type of jealousy in couples, which deals with the couple's love for each other and their desire of possession.
Jealousy is sometimes a nice thing to have in order to spice up the marriage, as long as no side gets hurt or starts developing trust issues, which could ruin a marriage.

How to stop being jealous: 

Have self-confidence: People who are usually more jealous have lower self-esteem. You need to build confidence in yourself before building confidence in your partner.

Know what triggers your jealousy: Try and specify the people who trigger this feeling when you see your partner talking to them, and only then can you seriously talk to your partner about what is bothering you.

Control your behavior: Some people tend to confront or get into an argument when they see their partner talking to someone or someone complementing him/her. Control your behavior by letting the anger pass and then after you calm down talk to your partner.

Give space to one another: It is true that you should know the small details about each other’s lives, work and plans, but don’t nag on your partner to tell you everything. Give each other some space.

Don’t stalk: We know everyone has stalked someone at least once in their life. And these days, social media such as facebook, twitter and other accounts can easily promote jealousy.

Most importantly, remember that you are unique! There is a reason why your partner chose to be with you, and you only! Don’t compare yourself to others, your partner loves you for who you are.