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Surviving Ramadan Blues!

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Surviving Ramadan Blues!

The Holy Month of Ramadan is here, and with it comes a lot of delicious food, good times with family, and blessings. Unfortunately, Ramadan seems to be a stressful and difficult time too, at least for some people.

Planning your wedding -and furnishing your apartment- during the month of Ramadan can be exhausting and frustrating. It can also be daunting on a couple if you let the stresses of fasting get to you.

Here are a few tips that might help you cope with Ramadan, and enjoy this peaceful holy month:

Have a plan: You can always deal with things better once you break them down into small tasks. So make sure you have a plan for those 30 days, and write it down. Whether you have doctor appointments, dress fittings, or furniture shopping to do, make sure you have everything written down, and take it one step at a time.

Ask about opening hours: Whatever you have scheduled for this month, make sure you call first and ask about their working hours during this month. Some places might not even open after Iftar.

Don’t take it out on your other half: It is indeed very common amongst couples to argue during Ramadan; especially before Iftar. So if you know that your spouse is short-tempered during Ramadan (or if they are suffering from caffeine/nicotine withdrawal) go easy on them! Try to schedule appointments for after Iftar, and not when both of you are tired from a long day at work.

Pencil in some fun: There’s a lot to do, and little time to do it, but there’s always time aside for some fun! Make sure the two of you plan a fun date night where go for some ice cream; like any regular day.

Don’t stress: Yes, it’s always easier said than done, and you hear it quite often, but it’s true nonetheless. Everything is exaggerated when you’re stressed out, and when you’re low on fluids, food and energy, it is most likely going to stress you out and make you want to blow things way out of proportion. Just acknowledge that you are tired, hungry, or dehydrated, and don’t let it affect your temper.