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A Chit Chat with Arabia Weddings: Clare Ebbs Managing Director of Aghareed

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A Chit Chat with Arabia Weddings: Clare Ebbs Managing Director of Aghareed

Clare Ebbs draws on extensive senior level experience in event management and the weddings industry. From 2005 until 2007, Clare worked for IIR Middle East as Senior Event Manager for The Bride Show Dubai.

Prior to forming her own wedding planning company 'The Perfect Moment’, which was to eventually partner with Aghareed, Clare was an Events Manager and then Acting Events Director for Dabo & Co; positions she held from 2007 until 2010.

Clare is now the Managing Director of Aghareed, a concierge wedding service based in Dubai.

Read the following interview with Claire Ebbs:

  • Tell us about how you started your career as a wedding planner. 

I have always loved event planning and made sure that this was the subject I studied at university. I have known from a very early age that 'one day' I would have my own wedding planning company and I planned my career accordingly, including taking up an event organizing role at Dubai’s The Bride Show. It was when I got married myself 5 years ago that I realized how daunting it is to organize such an important occasion.

There is so much to arrange and not knowing suppliers and the services that are available - especially if you're based internationally - is extremely stressful.

I therefore decided to take the big step and set up The Perfect Moment wedding planning organization to use my skills, expertise, education and experience in event management and wedding organization to assist other couples who are getting married. This then led me to partner with Aghareed to manage the world's first full concierge wedding service.

  • Why do you think it is important for a couple to hire a wedding planner? 

Engaging the professional services of a wedding planner is vital in order to take the stress out of what is, after all, your Big Day.

Your wedding should be one of the happiest occasions of your life, so you shouldn’t have so much to be worried about that you end up dreading every minute. Some couples do enjoy the organizing aspect of their wedding, so one popular service we provide for these brides and grooms-to-be is the 'on-the-day-planning' option.

This allows them to manage the arrangements themselves, but partner with us on the day itself to make sure that all elements run smoothly. This gives the couple peace of mind on the actual day of their marriage, which allows them to fully enjoy it.

  • Does Aghareed plan weddings in the UAE only? If not, where else?

We can organize weddings anywhere in the world!

  • What are the latest trends and wedding themes for this year (colors, décor…)?

The vintage theme is still a big hit with brides and continues to be popular.

One new trend we have observed is ‘coral and gold’ - the two merge together really well.

  • Can a bride have her dream wedding on a budget?

Yes, of course. It’s all about prioritizing where to spend money and what aspects are important to the couple.  As a full concierge service, we are able to offer many wedding elements in-house, such as chairing, tabling, linen and flower arrangement. Taking advantage of these services can be a great deal more cost-effective than going to a third party.

Another suggestion to maximize economy is to order some of the smaller personal items on-line and ask a friend or relative who is traveling internationally to the wedding to bring them over with them.

  • What is the top advice you give to couples you are planning their wedding.

Remember that it is your occasion and no one else’s! Make sure that you enjoy and savor every minute of it - the day passes by so quickly!

  • What is the most outrageous thing a couple has asked you to have at their wedding?

Releasing doves at the end of the night!

Photo credits: Borszik photography, Enchante studios and Rebecca hobday photography.

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