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A Chit Chat with Arabia Weddings: Jamal Taslaq

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A Chit Chat with Arabia Weddings: Jamal Taslaq

Palestinian-born fashion designer Jamal Taslaq is known for his love of blending his culture with modernity and sophistication.

In 1990 Jamal Taslaq moved to Italy, he debuted on the runways of Alta Moda Roma and dressed women all over the world.

Jamal Taslaq dresses many members of Arab royal families, including Queen Rania of Jordan, as well as many celebrities such as Sharon Stone, Ornella Muti and Marta Marzotto.

We had a chance to ask the talented Jamal Taslaq a few questions and here is what he had to say:

To view more pictures of Jamal Taslaq's designs click here!


  • Tell us more about your start, how did you get into the fashion design business?

Since I was a child I used to see a friend of my mother designing and tailoring women dresses. I was fascinated with the fact that she could design and realize her own ideas. Probably my attitude for fashion was already within me at that time but I didn’t know.

Growing up it was clear that I need to leave my country in order to study in Italy which was the aim for all the ones that wanted to learn about Haute Couture. I worked so hard to raise the money to do that.


"A bride needs to feel well inside her dress,

otherwise she won’t be spontaneous and enjoy this very special day..."

  • How do you best describe your designs?

I love dressing the women’s soul first, before her body. For me it is important that every dress respects the character of who dresses it. My dresses always have a touch of Mediterranean colors and flavors, I love simplicity and I don’t do a lot of stitching so that they fit perfectly to all my clients.

  • As a fashion designer would you consider creating a line exclusively for brides?

I already do, I do a lot of wedding dresses not only for Italian clients but for many international weddings too.

  • Can a bride collaborate with you to design her own wedding dress? Or maybe even engagement dress?

Of course! My wedding dresses are customer made. I first meet the client in order to understand her tastes and we create the dress following her style, the kind of wedding, the location. I take care of everything not only the dress but the accessories, the flowers and all the coordination of the wedding.

  • What are your favorite trends?

I don’t really follow fashion trends but I think white is always very nice. My last runway on July 2013 was inspired by snow. The snow is white and soft and the collection is transparent. So feminine. I used silk, georgette, satin and some white fur and crystals.

  • Any bridal trends that you personally like?

I like simplicity, each dress must express the soul of the bride: in both the cut and color.

"I love dressing the women’s soul first, before her body"

  • Who are some of your favorite designers? 

Schubert and Valentino.

  • What advice can you give the bride-to-be when choosing or tailoring her wedding dress? 

To choose the dress in which she feels like a princess. This day is very important for her and she must feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. But she needs to feel well inside her dress otherwise she won’t be spontaneous and enjoy this very special day.