A Chit Chat with Arabia Weddings: Jewelry Designer Dalia Hamdallah

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A Chit Chat with Arabia Weddings: Jewelry Designer Dalia Hamdallah

Dalia is a jewelry designer now based in Jordan; she lived in Egypt and Sudan for most of her life which bloomed in her the love of ethnic and African jewelry, as well as, semi-precious stones that she saw at the famous silver and stones markets in Khan El Khalili and Umm Durman.

Dalia created her own jewelry line titled “D Jewelry” as a home-based business, but she is hoping to open her own store in the near future.

Dalia’s jewelry is designed for the modern Arab lady; the designs are whimsical with an oriental touch.

Here is what Dalia had to say about her work and latest collection:

  • Where do you get your inspiration from?

I believe in Pablo Picasso's quote, "Let inspiration find you working". I find that my best work comes through trial and error and my constant experimentation with wire, which is the base of my jewelry line. Moreover, I believe my upbringing in Cairo and Sudan definitely shaped my conceptual views of what beautiful jewelry amounts to in terms of shapes, colors, etc.


"My advice for a bride on her wedding day would be to wear whatever feels comfortable!"


  • What elements do you use in most of your pieces?

In terms of elements in my line, I am keen on keeping the wire element in my pieces as I find it’s the edge and base of my jewelry line D Jewelry. I would add other elements such as chain, stones, crystals, and fabric to the wire concept according to the collection I’m working on. As all my collection is gold plated, I also play with the colors of the plating such as black rhodium, yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold.

  • What do you advise a bride-to-be to wear on her big day? Bold jewelry or something simple?

My advice for a bride on her wedding day would be to wear whatever feels comfortable! If you are a simple bride and not comfortable with chunky jewelry, go for classic simplicity like a pearl necklace, and a diamond or pearl studs. If you’re a jewelry junkie and love a statement piece, your wedding day is the day to make a statement! At the end of the day, you want to look effortlessly beautiful and comfortable in your own skin.

  • Do you have a special collection for brides? If so, please describe it.

I started a mini-series of a Bridal Collection while planning my own wedding. I was constantly researching ideas and jewelry shopping which surrounded me with images of pearls, diamonds, crystals and white roses. All this imagery was integrated in my line, which was a mixture of big earrings and statement cuffs and chokers using pearls and rhinestones. It’s a romantic collection with a bit of an edge in terms of the wire-work.

  • Are there any new trends for brides when it comes to jewelry?

A couple of bridal trends I came across are headpieces which is a trend I love for a daring bride, backless wedding dresses, and wearing blinged-out Converse shoes for comfort which is super smart too!