A Chit Chat with Arabia Weddings: Wedding Planners Julie and Romeo

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A Chit Chat with Arabia Weddings: Wedding Planners Julie and Romeo

We had the chance to chit chat with the wedding planners of Julie and Romeo Wedding Planning in Dubai.

  • What is the best part of being a wedding planner?

I consider every new wedding a challenge and an opportunity to create and imagine a unique décor idea. I also love it when I meet a new couple; there’s something very exciting about being part of a couple’s special day.

  • What are the hottest trends in weddings this season in the Arab region?

The trend is moving towards sophistication. Weddings should be ultra-elegant, but not so serious. After all, couples want their guests to have fun! Another thing that’s trending is candles: They always have a major presence at weddings. This year, however, chandeliers and candelabras are the hottest trend! I like to incorporate chandeliers into my wedding designs, especially in areas that no one expects.


"Weddings should be ultra-elegant, but not so serious"

  • How does the wedding planning process start and what are the main elements of a successful relationship with the bride and groom-to-be?

Before deciding on a planner, the bride and groom should find a wedding they like the look of. When it comes to choosing a wedding planner, I believe that if you are confident in what you do, and you do it well, people will come to you. I advise all brides and grooms to be to go with someone they are confident in. Our services depend foremost on our clients’ wishes.

  • Can a bride have her dream wedding on a budget? How can you help the bride and groom in planning a budget wedding?

When that is the case, I usually try to understand what the most important element is for the couple; is it the ambiance, décor, flowers, etc.? We try to offer alternative ideas while demonstrating the impact of cutting cost.


  • What was your favorite wedding theme that you created? Who was it for and where?

I love the vintage, romantic, Baroque style; very Marie- Antoinette! I have some history background and my favorite period is the 18th century. My favorite wedding was for a Miss Karmostaji. She asked me to create a French vibe throughout the wedding. She gave me the liberty and freedom to imagine a special concept for her, and she trusted my creativity and management, so everything turned out great and everyone was very pleased with the outcome.

  • What is the most outrageous thing a couple has asked you to have at their wedding?

Nothing is outrageous! I love a challenge: I remember a bride who once asked me to do something ‘outrageous’. I had food coming down from the ceiling, 3D animated flowers, elevated sofas and costumes! I love when clients welcome new and unique concepts. When it comes to our services, be prepared to move away from typical weddings.

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