The Types of Bridesmaids Every Bride Needs

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The Types of Bridesmaids Every Bride Needs

Now that the love of your life has proposed and you said yes, it’s time to pick your bridesmaids!

For the westernized Arab bride, your bridesmaids are your right hand, your supporters and helpers during the wedding planning process.

But to create the perfect bridal team, you need to cover all the areas you will need during your wedding planning.

So here are the types of bridesmaids every bride needs in order to make her life a bit easier:

An Organized Planner: She is organized, reliable, and detail oriented. She is the perfect person to throw you a bridal shower, henna night, or bachelorette.  She always keeps you on track of what you need to know next.

The Social Butterfly: She instantly creates a bridal group on Whatsapp, starts documenting all your special moments on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  She will have every moment captured on her phone and even create a special hashtag just for you.

One Who Makes You Laugh: With all the stress you will go through, she will be there to make you laugh, and bring you back to reality, she has a positive attitude, and will help you feel better when you’re having a stressful day,

A Party Animal: You will need her to make your bridal shower, bachelorette, or any other pre-wedding events more fun and exciting. She will be the one who makes everyone dance when everyone is just too shy, she knows all the good songs, and brings all the fun games.

A Super Relaxed One: This one will keep you chilled and calm, and make you realize that it doesn’t matter whether the napkins are white or ivory, your guests won’t tell the difference! She goes with the flow, and whatever you want to do, she will support.