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2018 Wedding Trends We Love From Pinterest

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2018 Wedding Trends We Love From Pinterest

Pinterest has unveiled its Pinterest 100, which compiles the top trends to try in 2018. If you love Pinterest and you are always looking for ideas for your wedding on it, then you will love the trends that are coming in 2018.

To make is easier on you and save you some time, because we know how busy a bride to be can be, we chose the top trends that you can include in your wedding in 2018.

Here are some of the most beautiful trends coming your way in 2018 according to Pinterest:

Balloons Get Fancy: Balloons are filled up with foliage, glitter, confetti and other fanciness.


DIY Food: Weddings are going to be more interactive in 2018 with DIY Food and Drink Stations! Think of making your own hot chocolate drink, create your own taco, your own falafel or shawarma sandwich, and so many other ideas; the options are endless.


Not Your Traditional Guest Book: The more you get creative with your guest book keepsake the better, think outside the box, such as letting your guests write notes on Jenga Blocks, signed surfboards, the sky is the limit.


Diet Friendly Desserts: Vegan desserts can taste heavenly if done right, vegan desserts are very IN in 2018.