5 Stunning Wedding Place Setting Using Greenery

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5 Stunning Wedding Place Setting Using Greenery

If you're getting married this season, and still looking for some ideas for table settings for your wedding, you're in luck!

Bride are always browsing the internet and looking for different ideas, but looking through all those pictures can be confusing and overwhelming.

This is why we chose some of our favorite place settings that are sure to amaze your wedding guests and make your wedding a very unique event.

Some ideas that have been trending lately when it comes to place settings, is the nature inspired theme, from real leaves, greenery, with touches of metallic.

Some wedding planners are even using succulent plants to add a more natural and wild touch to the decor.

Take a look at these stunning wedding place settings for this season:

wedding 1

wedding 2

wedding 4

wedding 6

wedding table