An Andalusi Wedding Theme!

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An Andalusi Wedding Theme!

In response to a request by an Arabia Weddings fan, we have compiled this article to give you ideas on how to pull together an Andalusi theme for your wedding.


This is such an innovative idea, and easy to apply to your wedding.

All you have to do is go back in time to this beautiful era.


Here are some ideas for you to get some inspiration from:


Your wedding invitations: Use the famous Andalusi patterns and calligraphy to decorate your invitation cards.





Why not use these patterns on your wedding cake too?



Decorate with beautiful lanterns and candles to add this magical ambience. This could also be perfect for a Ramadan special event.




Think of serving the food in dishes similar to these ones, or add smaller plates or bowls to the tables filled with nuts or vegetables and dips!




You can also add colorful and patterned cushions to the chairs and lounges.



How about placing some paper fans as a fun addition, particularly in the summer season? They could also serve as your invitations too.




Use these colorful glasses to serve your guests their drinks… you can also use metal glasses like they used to drink from in the old days. Check these out:


Wait that’s not it! You can use these colorful glasses as centerpieces too! Use 2-3 glasses and add a few flowers to them around the table!


Now the most important part: The Bride!

You’re lucky as headpieces are in this season. Look at this beautiful piece:




You can also wear beautiful chandelier earrings to compliment your look:





Want to go all out? Do something really special! Enter your wedding on a beautiful horse!