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A Fresh Citrus Wedding Theme

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A Fresh Citrus Wedding Theme

We have previously posted an article on Spring Theme Ideas for your wedding reception, to give you some inspiration and a few ideas; one of them was using fruits to decorate your wedding.

But since spring and summer are just around the corner, how about you plan a wedding that revolves around lemons and oranges? It's a fresh and creative way to decorate your wedding. Follow these tips for a zesty wedding…

One of the most beautiful pre-wedding dinners for Millionaire Feiping Chang was lemon inspired! Click here to check it out!


  • Invitations:

They are the first impression or idea your guests get of your wedding! Pick a fresh color to go along with your theme; you can play with the shades from pastel to bright and neon! Adding an orange or yellow ribbon or bow to the card can add a cute touch.

  • Centerpieces and Decorations:

Pick flowers that have the same color hues as lemons, limes, and oranges! From lime green colored flowers to yellow flowers, mix and match between the colors.

Also, add fresh oranges and lemons to the table. Whether cut or whole, lemons and oranges are a great way to decorate the tables. Place them in glass or plexi containers with flowers or candles and have a wonderful fresh centerpiece!

 yellow wedding

  • Cake:

What else? Lemon, lime, or orange flavored cake, of course! And don't be afraid to use them as cake decorations too! If you don't like these particular flavors, keep up with the theme by using only the color scheme to decorate your cake.

 yellow wedding

  • Bouquet:  

Pick flowers that match your wedding theme in color, or even add a few real lemons or oranges in your bouquet!

  • Favors:

Use the same color palettes as the rest of your wedding theme.

You can give away lemon and orange fragrance or scented oils, bags of citrus candy nicely wrapped, orange and lemon scented candles.

  • Beverages:

Serve fresh lemonade or lemon mint drink to welcome your guests to the wedding reception. Serve yellow, green and orange cocktails whether alcoholic or not. Serve them in cocktail glasses decorated with lime, lemon or orange wedges. Or create a citrusy fruit punch!