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For Coffee Lovers: A Coffee Themed Wedding

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For Coffee Lovers: A Coffee Themed Wedding

Are you and your groom coffee lovers or addicts? Or maybe the first time you met was over a cup of coffee?

Yes coffee can be brewed and drunk but it can also be used in decorating, giving you another reason to love coffee!

Coffee is very important in our lives especially in the Middle East; Arabic and Turkish coffee are a be a big part of our traditions and celebrations.

Do you need another reason to have coffee at your wedding?

Your wedding guests will be so energetic from the caffeine that the dance floor will never be empty!

Here are some beautiful ideas we fell in love with for a coffee wedding theme:

Coffee Centerpieces. (More ideas here)

Coffee Wedding Favors:
-Coffee in a Jar.

-Coffee Spoons.

-Coffee Scented Candles.

Arabic Coffee: Make waiters go around and serve Arabic coffee throughout the night to your guests.

Coffee Bar.

Coffee Shades Nail Polish for the Bride.

Beautiful Coffee and Mocha Flavored Wedding Cakes.

For your bridal beauty how about a DIY coffee scrub before your wedding? Read:

Make Your Own Coffee Mask

DIY Vanilla and Coffee Scrub

More coffee themed wedding pictures here!