Creative Ideas for Centerpieces

Creative Ideas for Centerpieces

Traditional cut flowers are beautiful, but they often come at a high cost to you and to the environment. And as flowers can take a serious stab into your wedding day budget, try one of these gorgeous ways to glam up your big day:



Using fruits can make for very attractive centerpieces. Apples or peaches in glass containers or carved fruit can all make striking centerpieces for tabletops.

Combine this with the floating candle idea for a beautiful look! Simply fill glass containers with different kinds of fruit, fill them with water and place a floating candle on top! This is a really cute idea for wedding centerpieces and stands out from the traditional flowers.

A heap of apples or a bag of oranges can be converted into organic wedding décor that’s good enough to eat! 


Filling tall vases with fruit adds a dramatic effect to a simple arrangement that uses local greenery and tree branches.


If you’re a bride on a budget, using large containers for centerpieces is a great way to achieve the look you love. Make it affordable by renting the large clear vases or containers, or make them yourself out of plexi-glass. Fill with lemons, limes, or oranges, and use local vegetation in place of flowers.



Prefer something fragrant for your big day? Try potted herbs. Affordable and chic, herbs will fill your ceremony and reception with natural, relaxing aromas.


Mini rosemary plants make great wedding favors that green the lives of your guests. Lavender, marjoram, mint, lemongrass and sage can be arranged to create fantastic centerpieces and bridal bouquets.





Head to a local craft store to pick up a variety of shapes, sizes and heights; and play with scale to get a customized look.


Floating candles are a very easy centerpiece idea. Simply use decorative glass containers and fill them with water. Then, place several floating candles in each container and light them.


This is a great idea for a nighttime reception or one that is held indoors if the lights are dimmed to create a romantic effect.





Another great lighting option is vintage lanterns. Using these in small venues and as table centerpieces can be good if you're after a more intimate feel.  



Sticks, Branches and Wildflowers:

Fill pots with local wildflowers and used chalkboards as menus for each table. Not only will this save you a tremendous amount on decor, but they will also be able to create a traditional rustic vibe.






Tie up a bunch together to make a bouquet that's soft to the touch and pleasing to the eye. Dress 'em up a bit by inserting a few bouquet jewels or popping in a few fake pearls. As for the bouquet jewels themselves, use them sparingly; too much sparkle can scream "poor quality." 




Carved Glass or Wood Flowers:

A few years ago, Marc Jacobs teamed up with Waterford to create a happy-meets-classic collection of crystal and tabletop goods. He created a few iterations of his iconic "Daisy" (which is now known best as being his signature scent) in glass, and placing just three of those in a milk-glass vase looked incredibly modern and chic.

Bonus: You won't need to throw them out (or donate them) when the night's over. In fact, you could probably register for them and work them into your own home decor.





Vintage Brooches / Hair Pins:

Can you imagine how gorgeous it would be to pin a bunch of beautiful pieces together to create one giant bouquet? Ask family members and friends to raid their own jewelry boxes for important jewels of their own; it's a touching nod to your guests (and good taste in jewelry).





Arrange your boxed wedding favors (gifts for guests) in an interesting design in the centre of each table. This is a less expensive option than buying separate centerpieces and favors, and there'll be less waste at the end of the night because your guests will have taken the centerpieces with them!



Parasols and Hand Fans:

Parasols make good wedding and reception decorations but they don't have to be stationary objects - the wedding party can carry parasols at the ceremony as an alternative to bouquets. Hand fans are another option - they're also practical on a hot day.



Figurines and Vases:

Use figurines or vases filled with shells or stones that tie in with your color scheme or wedding theme. These also make great gifts for your bridal party to thank them for all their hard work.



Seasonal Items:

Rather than centerpieces with flowers that are in season, why not use other seasonal items? For instance, a winter wedding with pinecones, cinnamon sticks and berries incorporated into the centerpieces would be lovely.

For a fall wedding, try making beautiful candle holders from gourds by carving out the middle. Combined with colored leaves, this would create unique and gorgeous centerpieces.



Tiny Wedding Cakes:

If you want to be truly unique, you can create gorgeous and edible centerpieces by opting to have several smaller wedding cakes rather than one large one.

Order a special cake for the bride and groom, and then use small, decorated wedding cakes for each table. Not only does this create a beautiful centerpiece, but guests can serve themselves the cake!




Potted Plants:

You don't have to rule out all plants just because you won't be using flowers. Small trees or green plants could provide an elegant look for your centerpieces.


Large plants can make good wedding decorations and table centerpieces. Like the bomboniere, small individual plants can be placed together to form a table centerpiece and then be used as wedding favors.




Fish Bowls:

Goldfish can be a festive decoration as well as a unique gift for the children in attendance to take home with them.



Edible Arrangements:

Ever thought of having fruits arranged to look like flower bouquets instead of real flowers? Now that’s a very practical idea! It’s a centerpiece that can be enjoyed and savored by your guests as well!




Ice Sculptures:

These super-chic decorations won't save you any money over flowers, but may be the least allergy-inducing decorations you could get.