A Magical Indian Wedding Theme

A Magical Indian Wedding Theme

Indian weddings are some of the most colorful and fun weddings in the world, they are filled with colors, lights, flowers, and candles, and of course, a lot of dancing.

If you are a bride who wants to have an Indian wedding theme for your wedding, wether it is an Indian wedding or a wedding of mixed cultures, you have endless options of fun wedding decorations and ideas.

From flowers to candles, tassels, elephent statues..., Indian weddings are all about variety and color, and don't forget to add lots of glitter and sparkle.

Indian weddings have a great and fun vibe, they are a magical thing to witness, and always have something different.

Many Indian couples who live in the Middle East, mostly Oman and the United Arab Emirates, are looking for some unique ideas for their Indian wedding, not to mention that many Arabs love to have an Indian wedding theme themselves.

Whether you are an Indian bride or marrying an Indian man, or just love everything Indian, we are here to help you find the most beautiful Indian wedding ideas for an Indian wedding theme.

Take a look at those amazing and beautiful Indian wedding theme ideas and choose your favorite ones: