Top Wedding Decor Trends Coming in 2017

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Top Wedding Decor Trends Coming in 2017

There are so many deicisions when it comes to plannig a wedding; the colors, the theme, the flowers, the overall look, and so much more.

Keep up to date with the latest wedding trends to make sure your wedding doesn't look outdated.

Whether you want a classic wedding or a trendy celebration, 2017 has something for every bride!

We spotted some of the latest wedding trends making their way through 2017 which, we hope, you will simply fall in love with.

Take a look at the top wedding decor trends in 2017:

Unique Color Combinations:

Pastels and neutrals will always be a classic, but if you're looking for something unique, choose a unique color combination, such as jade or emerald green with coral touches.

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Trellis Patterns and Romantic Toiles: 

You might still love the geomtric wedding trend, but softer prints will be more popular in 2017.



Texture and Variety in Florals: 

Classic flower centerpieces are never out of style, but for the bride who wants to keep up with the trend, go for lots of texture when it comes to your wedding flowers. Think of flower arrangements that actually look un-arranged and handpicked, also mix different types of flowers, and add some succulents and wood elements to them. 

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