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10 Wedding Photography Trends for 2015

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10 Wedding Photography Trends for 2015

Saudi female wedding photographer Salma Jammal, who is based in Jeddah, shared some of her favorite wedding photography trends in 2015 with us.

“As a wedding photographer I have noticed that every year there is a new trend in wedding photography that most of the brides want to include in their wedding album”, said Salma.

“When I saw the big demand on the photo trends especially during last year, I started to do a photo checklist for every bride. I list the most beautiful trends for the bride to get inspired from and to make my own version of it”, added Salma.

So here are few of the most popular wedding photo trends this year:

  • Photo-booth:

Some brides are allocating a corner in the wedding venue for the guests to have their photos taken with photo-booth props. And other brides are opting for few signs from the photobooth to use them in their wedding portrait session. In either case, make sure you don’t overdo this and make all your wedding photos in “photobooth style.”

  • Photo Props:

Photo props or photo accessories are a great way to add some fun to your photo booth, your props can consist of many things, such as frames, signs, sparklers, and much more.

  • Selfie shot:

With the Selfie trend taking over the world, almost every bride and groom take a selfie during their wedding day nowadays. It would be great to have spontaneous moments like these documented.

  • Casual family group shot:

These days people are enjoying casual and spontaneous photos more than those very formal ones. I’m not saying you can’t take formal wedding pictures, it is up to you and your groom to choose the style of wedding pictures you want. Those laid back pictures will be fun and wonderful looking back at your wedding pictures, so why not have a mix of both?

  • First look shot:

The moment when the groom sees his bride on the wedding day for the first time, whether she’s walking down the aisle or a private first look before the wedding ceremony. You don’t want to miss capturing this moment!

  • Over head shots:

When it comes to the portrait session on the wedding day, it’s all about unusual angles, whether it’s from above or sideways. It’s nice to have some photos from different perspectives.

  • Back lit images:

Romantic and soft lighting is my favorite way of lighting. It really adds a dreamy feeling to the pictures.

  • It’s all in the details:

While working with different Arab brides and grooms I always provide them with a detailed checklist, so they can prepare them for the detailed shot. It’s also important to inform your photographer about any other details they might miss.

  • More spontaneous pictures:

These days wedding pictures are all about un-posed shots; more natural poses are trendier.

  • Story telling pictures:

I believe that this is the most important aspect to look for in your wedding photos. All the trends will come and go, but a moment captured from your wedding day is worth more than anything.

By: Salma Jammal