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2 Tips to Help Your Wedding Photographer Capture the Pictures You Dream Of

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2 Tips to Help Your Wedding Photographer Capture the Pictures You Dream Of

Your wedding photographer is the most important wedding vendor you will deal with, after all your wedding pictures will be the only thing left to remind you of your magical wedding day.

But don’t rely completely on your wedding photographer to know exactly what you want and which wedding moments you would like him/her to capture. There are a few things you can do on your part that can help your photographer with that.

#1 Tell Them your Personal Stories: Your wedding pictures should never look too fake or posed, they should look natural. And to have these pictures, you need to make sure your photographer captures the candid moments, so tell your photographer what your relationship is about, how you feel about your family and friends, which will help your photographer understand your background and capture your special moments with the special people you told him/her about.

Also make sure your photographer knows what you love and what you don’t whether it’s your pet, a necklace your mother gave you and other details you would like your photographer to record them on film.

#2 Tell Them What Photos You Would Like to See: Write down a list of must have pictures for your photographer to follow, also show them the type of photography you love, Pinterest has a lot of ideas to give you good inspiration.

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