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Engagement Photography Trend: Engagement Selfie

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Engagement Photography Trend: Engagement Selfie

Now that selfies have taken over social media, ladies who are getting engaged are also sharing their engagement ring “selfie”! And since you don’t get engaged every day and only get one chance to show off your ring, then why not? Share away!

If you’re keeping up with the selfie trend, here is how to pull off the perfect engagement selfie to announce your engagement:

  • Get a Manicure: Prep your hands with a manicure and some moisturizing to make sure they look great in that picture.
  • Pick a Background:  Choose a nice surrounding for your hand to rest on or something meaningful.

  • Ask for Help:  Let someone take the picture of your hand and ring so you can be more creative with your pose.

  • Collage and Montage: If you have taken lots of pictures and don’t know which to choose, use apps like Pic Stitch, Photo Grid or Pic Joiner and create a pretty collage.

  • Skip Your Hand: If you don’t want to take a selfie of your engagement ring on your hand, then think of a nice way to display your ring alone.