The Latest Wedding Photography Trends To Try at Your Wedding

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The Latest Wedding Photography Trends To Try at Your Wedding

Your wedding pictures will make you remember your wedding forever, so one of the most important wedding elements is the photography.

Stay up to date with the latest wedding photography trends so you can have beautiful wedding pictures you can always cherish.

Make sure you share your ideas and inspiration with your wedding photographer so he/she can be prepared.

Check out these stunning wedding photography trends in 2016:

Shooting The Proposal: Some smart grooms are hiring photographers to shoot their marriage proposal, as this day is as important as your wedding day, having pictures to remind you of this romantic day is a perfect idea.


Stop Motion: This technique takes still photos and animates them. Check out our article: "Latest Wedding Photography Trend: Animated Pictures"


Overhead Shots: This way you’ll have more pictures from different angles.


Drones: Drones are all the rage right now! They capture the entire wedding from different perspectives and angles.


The Selfie: Of course! The hottest photography trend during the past few years is still here! Have your photographer capture you and your groom taking a selfie!