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Let the Fun Start with a Video Booth at Your Wedding

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Let the Fun Start with a Video Booth at Your Wedding

There are certain moments in life that you get to experience only once. Your dream wedding is one.  But as the countdown to your big day continues, wedding plans are likely to be consuming your every thought! Soon you'll be sifting through a selection of vendors promising you an unforgettable occasion.

From flowers to lace, from music to what food to serve… the options are endless. And if you're anything like most women, you’ll soon become an overwhelmed bride-to-be trying to pull together the perfect memorable wedding.

And although this joyous event will live in your heart, nothing beats having something to take you back in time.  The best photographers and videographers understand that wedding memories are timeless and that you will wish to relive the most amazing day of your life over and over again.

We have covered in previous articles on Arabia Weddings 10 Tips for Perfect Wedding Pictures for you to go back to, when needed. But one trend that we are loving at weddings is the FlashBack VideoBooth, which has become a celebrity at many weddings and other special occasions.  The videobooth offers the modern trendy couple a fresh perspective to videography. FlashBack allows you to capture your special moments on video in a fun and creative way and easily share them with others. They prompt you and your guests to smile, laugh and act more naturally in front of the video camera. They're modern and fun and you can upload them, download them, reload them, Like them or Tweet them.

The company FlashBack is providing this service in Amman, Dubai and Beirut.  The young and dynamic girls behind Flashback have revamped the cliché wedding video with their vide booth. "What you end up with is a warm and unique bouquet of words, thoughts, sounds and gestures collected from all of your friends and loved ones". 

“With our directions "Pick up the microphone and pick up a card" guests are prompted to share their favorite memory of the bride or groom or answer a funny question about the couple. Every recorded second becomes a true and unique reflection of the love and energy bonding the couple”, added Farah. "Your guests feel important because you, as a host, cared enough to make them part of your special day". 

We highly recommend having a video booth at your wedding! 

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