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Photo and Video Trends for Your Wedding

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Photo and Video Trends for Your Wedding

Every bride wants her wedding to be memorable. Most brides think that wedding photos and a video are their only options to have memories of their wedding. But with the constant creative ideas and advancements in technology, there are some new trends that are becoming very popular.

Marryoke: This is absolutely the latest trend so far when it comes to wedding videos! It's fun, unique, and you'll never get tired of watching it. Basically the videographer at your wedding tapes every person while miming a line from a song you choose, then he pieces them all together, put it at the end of your wedding video so it plays along and shows you and your guests lip-synching it. If you want to have a closer look, check out YouTube for some real wedding Marryoke.

Some people might think it's cheesy and some might love it, but either way we’re pretty sure that watching this video after 10 years will make you laugh.

Video booth: Have a video booth installed at your wedding for guests to share their best wishes to you! Check out the article written by Farah Mawla Co-founder of Flashback video booth. And make sure not miss our Special Deal on FlashBack video booth!

Photo booth: Photo booths are always fun no matter how old you get. By having a photo booth at your wedding you'll get your guests to interact, and at the same time they get to keep their pictures as a favor!

Studio photo shoot at your wedding: Have a photographer set up a background and studio lighting at the entrance of your reception, so your guests can have their pictures taken when they first enter. These photos are then projected in a slideshow that is constantly updated with new photos throughout the wedding. 

Documentary/Interview: Reality shows are a big hit these days. You can be your own reality show star by letting a videographer tape you and your groom talking about how you met and fell in love. You can even have him follow you around while you both are preparing for the big day up until the wedding!

Not really interested in all these new trends? Well then at least make sure your wedding pictures are perfect! Check out our 10 Tips for Perfect Wedding Pictures or our selection of books to find the best wedding photography books!