The Top Wedding Photography Trend in 2016: Drones!

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The Top Wedding Photography Trend in 2016: Drones!

If you found your dream wedding venue and invited all your loved ones to your wedding, then you probably want to show it all off.

One of the latest wedding photography trends in 2016 is using drones to capture the magic of the entire wedding.

So think of stunning aerial photo shots of you, your groom, and all your wedding guests, celebrating at your beautiful venue.

Don't worry about not showing off the beautiful landscape of your wedding venue or capturing your huge family all in one picture.

These picture-capturing aircrafts are the latest trend and offer high quality aerial footage.

TIP: It’s not safe to fly a drone in indoor venues, areas with lots of trees, tents or places with overhead wires.

Take a look at these stunning drone-captured wedding pictures: