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Wedding Photography Styles to Include in Your Pictures

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Wedding Photography Styles to Include in Your Pictures

There are so many photography styles couples don’t know about that can really bring life to their wedding pictures.

Brides Magazine recently shared some photography styles that are so beautiful we had to share with you.

Ask you photographer about the different styles below, and choose your favorite ones:

  • Enhanced Color: “A series of color layers and faded washes "painted" onto the image in postproduction to highlight certain tones and de-emphasize others.”

  • Vintage: “An effect created in postproduction that adds milky, washed-out tones 
of red or yellow to the photograph.”

  • Tilt-Shift Lens: “An outgrowth of architecture photography, the tilt-shift lens creates a narrow area of focus by blurring out the rest of the image.”

  • Heart Filter: “A black filter that attaches to the lens with a small heart-shaped cutout that affects out-of-focus light (called "bokeh").”

Pictures source: Brides