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What to Do with Your Wedding Photos

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What to Do with Your Wedding Photos

Once the wedding is over, everyone is going to be excited to see the wedding photos. Your wedding pictures are a very precious memory that you should save, don’t just throw them in a box and only look at them once every 2 years.

Frame them: Frame your favorite pictures and hang them in your new house.

Create an album: Every bride has to have a wedding album! Fill it with your wedding pictures, invitations, a flower from your bouquet, anything you want. You can even place it on your coffee table for guests to enjoy throughout the years.

Greeting and Thank You cards: If you have tons of copies and photos left, turn them into cards to send your guests 'thank you' notes, or as greeting cards for the future.

Calendars: Create your own calendar with your wedding pictures; you can even use them as gifts to your parents and in-laws as well.