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3 Engagement Etiquette Tips You Should Know

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3 Engagement Etiquette Tips You Should Know

Once you say “YES”, many questions will start popping in your head, if you’re a bride who wants to always do what’s right, here are 3 tips to help you out:

Who to tell first: Once he proposed you will want to tell everyone you know, but the first people who should know about your engagement are your parents, you can later on tell the rest of your family and friends.

Not loving your engagement ring?: Now that he proposed you’re taking another look at the ring he bought you, and you hate it…What to do? Tell him, you can go together and pick one you actually like at an equal price, if you feel that he might be hurt, then wait a few months before discussing the issue.

Who attends what: Once you send an invitation to your engagement, bridal shower, or save the dates to anyone you will have to invite them to your wedding.