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3 Etiquette Questions Asked by Wedding Guests

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3 Etiquette Questions Asked by Wedding Guests

If you're invited to a wedding soon, then you probably have some questions on your mind.

Be the perfect wedding guest and follow the etiquette rules to make sure your friend's or relative's wedding goes smoothly.

Here are some etiquette questions asked by wedding guests and the answers to them.

  • If you can’t attend a friend’s wedding for a good reasons, how do you tell her without hurting her?

Not attending your friend's wedding for a good reason does not make you a bad person, express to your friend how dissapointed you feel and that you wish you could make it. You can even offer a special way to celebrate her marriage before her wedding date, for example, invite her to a spa day together.

  • How to deal with your fiance one if he/she doesn't know anyone at the wedding?

Try to introduce your plus one to some people before the wedding, so once the wedding date arrives they can have an idea of who will be there. Another idea is to have a close friend or relative know your concern and ask them to spend some time with your plus one at the wedding and help them mingle and meet new people.

  • Should you say goodbye to the bride and groom after the wedding?

Once you're ready to leave the wedding, try to choose an appropriate time to leave the wedding when the couple is not busy dancing or taking pictures.

You can also express your gratitude and send a message the day after the wedding letting them know how much fun you had and how you wish them all the best.