3 Things Brides Should Never DIY for Their Weddings

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3 Things Brides Should Never DIY for Their Weddings

If you’re a bride who loves to DIY, there are many things you can work on yourself for your wedding.

But no matter how good you are at doing things on your own, there are certain things related to your wedding that you better leave for the professionals, or a trusted friend:

  • Wedding Flowers: You may want simple and easy centerpieces which you can certainly arrange on your own. But remember, flowers are perishable, which means they need to be delivered to your venue a short while before your wedding. Will you have time to arrange your bridal bouquet, table centerpieces and possibly other flower arrangements on your wedding day? It’s doubtful.
  • Your Hair: Your hair is not as easy to do as your makeup, if you’re a makeup artist or just talented at putting makeup on then perfect, you can do that on your wedding day! But, please, leave your hair for the professionals; you don’t want your hairdo falling apart in the middle of your wedding reception.
  • Wedding Cake: Unless you are a professional baker, then trying your baking skills before the wedding is just not a smart idea. And even if you are a pro at baking and decorating wedding cakes, make sure that everything is done earlier so you only need to assemble the cake on your wedding day.  
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