3 Things Your Guests Want To See At Your Wedding

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3 Things Your Guests Want To See At Your Wedding

We know that your wedding is all about you and your partner and the celebration of your love, but no one can ignore the fact that your guests are a major part of your wedding too.

Every bride and groom wants their family and friends to have fun and enjoy their wedding. But how do you make sure that your guests enjoy your wedding? There are some things every guest likes to see at any wedding.

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Here are 3 things every guest appreciates at a wedding:

Variety of Accommodations: Give your out of town guests hotel options at different price ranges, unless you’re willing to pay for their stay don’t assume that every guest can afford a stay at a fancy hotel.

Good Music: Your guests are coming to the wedding and expecting a good time, which includes lots of dancing, so it is very important to choose a good DJ or band.

Appropriate Seating Arrangements: No one wants to sit next to someone they don’t like, had a relationship or a fight with, so make sure you keep your guests’ relationships and personalities in mind if you’re planning on having a seating plan.

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