3 Tips for Having an Unplugged Wedding

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3 Tips for Having an Unplugged Wedding

With the rise of social media and smart phones, wedding pictures are being taken and shared with no permission or professional use by wedding guests.

Wedding photographer, Corey Ann told The Huffington Post recently: "There are strong arguments on both sides -- there's something so special about seeing your wedding day unfold from your guests' perspectives, but photographers have noted that "guest photographers" often compromise your professional pictures."

You may like it when your wedding guests take pictures of you and share them on Facebook or Instagram, but many brides are not happy with that.

If you prefer that your wedding guests do not take pictures of you with their own cameras or mobile phones, here are 3 tips on how to have an unplugged wedding:

  1. Tell Your Guests in Advance: Whether it’s through your invitation cards, wedding website, or social media accounts send your request before the wedding.
  2. Plan with Your Photographer:  Talk to your photographer beforehand and ask him or her to provide a link to a small selection of photos that your guests can share on social media.
  3. Follow Up: Have a sign or banner during the wedding that asks your guests to unplug their mobile phones and cameras during the wedding.

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