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3 Tips on Planning Your Wedding Without Stressing Out

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3 Tips on Planning Your Wedding Without Stressing Out

One very important piece of advice every bride-to-be should know, is that it’s not about how much you spend on your wedding but HOW you spend it is what matters.

Your wedding is simply a huge party to celebrate your love and your new life as a married couple, and parties should be fun, so should planning them.

So here is how you can plan your wedding without giving up on your savings, or your sanity!

Brainstorm and Assign Duties with Your Groom:

What is he better at? Finance? Organizing? Design? Brainstorm his and your talents and interests, and breakup the duties accordingly.

Set Your Priorities:

What do you both care about most? He might care about the music and would want to spend more on a great DJ, you might want to spend more on those fancy invitations you always wanted.  Create a list of what you agree to splurge on and what you decide to save on.

Discuss Possible Disagreements Before They Happen:

Have a talk with your partner on what is most important to you, what you should agree on, and how you both are a team and not assistants to each other; make sure each of you understands that you both have opinions that are equally important.