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3 Ways to Give Back on Your Wedding Day

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3 Ways to Give Back on Your Wedding Day

Brides and groom are becoming more and more aware of the idea of giving back to their community.

Planning a wedding can cost a lot of money and can have a lot of details going to waste.

But we have some great tips and ideas you can consider for your wedding, and they are sure a great way to give back or pay it forward.

Eco Friendly Wedding Invitations:

Consider using recycled paper for your invitations, or paper that naturally dissolves or is bio-degradable.


Ask Your Guests to Give Back:

Many couples ask their wedding guests to give a donation instead of wedding gifts, the donation can go to any charity you want.


Go Local:

If you're choosing you're wedding flowers or food, then try to choose local products and plants that will not only cost you less but also help a local farmer.