3 Wedding Details Your Guests Will Never Notice

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3  Wedding Details Your Guests Will Never Notice

Every bride-to-be thinks that every single detail of her wedding has to be absolutely perfect, and this is normal.

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No matter how much your budget is, or how detail oriented you are, trust us when we say that there are things that you shouldn’t worry about as much as you do, or spend a huge amount of money on. Why? Because your wedding guests will not really notice or remember them!

Here are some details that your guests will not notice at your wedding:

The China: We know you’re in love with fancy plates and glasses, but going with basic plates and glasses is cheaper and not bad at all, especially with dim lighting, so basic white plates will do the job for less.

Table Linens: As the tables and linens will be covered with plates, silverware, centerpieces and other details, there is a great chance your guests will never notice the expensive linens you want.

Exotic and Out Of Season Flowers: You will save tons of money by getting local and in season flowers, your guests will not think of the flowers you used, or whether they are imported or exotic; it’s generally the color scheme and arrangement that sticks in mind.

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