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3 Wedding Seating Styles For Your Guests

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3 Wedding Seating Styles For Your Guests

Round tables of 10 is not the only way you can have your guests seated, couples are becoming more creative when creating the seating arrangement and style of their wedding.

Your wedding seating style can set the tone of your wedding and make your wedding guests feel more comfortable.

So here are 3 wedding seating styles to consider for your wedding:

Vignette Seating Style: This style helps you create different scenes for your guests, and have them in small groups so they can have more fun. ,hat is nice about this style is that you can mix and match different styles of tables.


Family Style Seating: Use long tables that can seat from 20 to 30 people to create a more cozy and elegant ambience.


Lounge Seating Style: Think of couches, coffee tables, and comfy furniture, your guests will feel relaxed and comfortable.