3 Wedding Trends We Love for 2015

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3 Wedding Trends We Love for 2015

Every year and every season we come across new wedding trends and since its 2015 and spring is here, we have tons for fabulous wedding trends for brides getting married this year!

Brides are becoming more and more aware of wedding trends and what suits them and what doesn’t, so brides are literally setting the wedding trends for every season.

In 2015 we have tons of wedding trends, and we always love to share them with you!


"Long Wedding Tables Are Trending in 2015"

"Hanging Centerpieces Are The Hot Trend in 2015 Weddings"

Here are 3 more wedding trends we have spotted lately which we couldn’t help but share with our dear Arab brides-to-be:

Celebrate Your Culture: Brides and grooms are leaning more towards wedding where they can show their personalities and heritage, so why not include you heritage in a traditional dance, special food, or the decoration?

Interviews: Couples are requesting someone to interview them separately or together to share their love story with their wedding guests, instead of the pictures slideshow, the couples are sharing a video of themselves being asked different questions like when and how they met, what was their first impression of each other, what is their favorite thing about their partner, and so on…

Getting To Know You: Couples want their guests to feel comfortable and familiar with each other, so they want all their guests to be somewhat familiar of the faces they see at the wedding. Guesterly for example is a cool new service that works with Facebook to create bios for everyone on the wedding list; the lists are published in a miniature magazine and delivered a week before to the wedding.

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