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4 De-stressing Tips from Beth Kendrick

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4 De-stressing Tips from Beth Kendrick

Beth Kendrick is the author of the novel The Week Before the Wedding. In it she shares the best tips to help brides keep their sanity while planning their weddings.

Here are 4 of these tips:


  • Load up your iPod : Create “Wedding Countdown” playlist to keep you energized and positive. Think of this as your emotional pacifier, it’s basically impossible to be in a bad mood while lipsyncing to “Call Me Maybe.” If all else fails, break out the heavy artillery: ABBA and old-school Britney Spears.
  • Yoga Time: Set aside 5 minutes every day for some “lite yoga.” Minneapolis-based yoga instructor Catherine Justice recommends the following visualization exercise: Sit cross-legged on the floor with your back against a wall in a cool, quiet room. Send out kind thoughts to someone you love deeply, someone you’re having conflict or emotional difficulty with, and yourself. “Your wedding is exciting, but it’s also stressful,” Catherine says. “While you’re trying to accommodate everyone else’s needs, remember to also take care of yourself.”
  • Designate a Cell Phone Wrangler:  Guests who are stuck at the airport or lost en route to the ceremony site should be able to ask someone for assistance, but that someone should not be you. 
  • Book Yourself a Room: Make arrangements to spend the night before the wedding at a hotel near your venue. This gives you a chance to have some much-needed alone time on the morning before the ceremony. A little bit of solitude will make the upcoming celebration that much sweeter.

Adapted from: Bridal Guide