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4 Details Your Guests Will Notice About Your Wedding

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4 Details Your Guests Will Notice About Your Wedding

We previously shared some wedding details that you shouldn't really worry about because you're guests will probably not notice them.

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However, there are some details you should pay attention to because most wedding guests will notice.

What are the details your wedding guests will notice?

  • Timing:

Your wedding guests are here to see you and celebrate with you, so try not to keep them waiting for too long for your first and second entrances.

  • The Chairs:

If the chairs are uncomfortable, then the guests will probably notice, also make sure the chairs are elegant and go well with the wedding colors and theme.

  • Lighting:

Make sure you choose a professional to work on the lights of your wedding, because lighting can play a big role in adding colors to your venue and creating the ambience you are looking for.

  • The Sound:

Make sure the sound system at your wedding is perfect and will not cause any unwanted suprises. Also try and arrange the seats away from the speakers and sound system, as some wedding guests can find the music too loud when seated next to the speakers.