4 Finishing Touches to Decorate Your Wedding For Free

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4 Finishing Touches to Decorate Your Wedding For Free

Believe it or not, there are certain things you can have at your wedding without having to spend money on them. All you need is to be creative, and get ready for some DIY!

It is possible to add a few finishing touches that will have a beautiful effect to your wedding and at the same time not cost you anything.

Check out these ideas we have for you to add to your wedding:

Make your own confetti: Do you want your guest to toss confetti when you arrive or leave your wedding venue? All you need is some colored paper / book pages/ newspapers and some scissors or paper cutters.


Decorate Your Wedding Car Yourself: Who needs fancy floral arrangements on their car? Go back to the days of rattling cans; you can decorate tin cans the way you want and tie them to your car.


A Cute Entrance: A little boy or girl in your family carrying a hand written or painted sign that says “Here Comes The Bride” is absolutely adorable.


Fancy Place Names: All you need is a bunch of leafs from your garden and metallic spray paint.


For more DIY wedding ideas check out our very own DIY videos in Arabic.