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4 Things a Bridesmaid Should Never Do

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 4 Things a Bridesmaid Should Never Do

Your best-friend, sister, or cousin, is getting married, and you want to be the perfect bridesmaid for her. To be so, you will need to avoid doing a few mistakes that drive every bride crazy!

Here are 4 things that bridesmaid do that annoy every bride, and how to avoid doing them:

  • Bridesmaid Gone Missing:

Bridesmaids who are too busy, never respond to emails, phone calls and are late, or even miss, the bride’s bridal shower and other pre-wedding events are bad bridesmaids!

You don't need to drop everything else in your life to be a bridesmaid, but you should make it a priority. So make yourself available, help the bride make her wedding favors, go shoes shopping with her and take control of the annoying guests she’s trying to avoid.

  • Inviting a Plus One Who is NOT Invited to The Wedding:

A bridesmaid should be able to invite a guest, but it's not respectful to just assume so. Talk to the bride about it, and ask her if she minds you bringing someone with you.

  • Stalling the Bride:

The bride has a million things to do, so once she asks you for help or gives you information, do her a favor and don’t bother her again with it.

  • Telling Her to Eat Before The Wedding:

Yes, it is out of care, but the bride will probably have 10 people telling her "don't forget to eat", and this could be really annoying. Instead, pick up a salad or a granola bar for both of you and leave it up to her to eat it or not.