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4 Things to Do Before Your Honeymoon

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4 Things to Do Before Your Honeymoon

We know you can’t wait to leave on your honeymoon and get on that plane! But you still have a few things we recommend you to do before you go on your honeymoon.

Who needs to be worrying about little details while relaxing with the one you love in a beautiful destination? Make sure you finish everything you need to do before getting on the plane.

Here are 4 things we recommend that you finish before leaving for your honeymoon:

Send You Wedding Dress to The Dry Cleaners:  The sooner you take it to get cleaned the better your chances are that the stains will be removed, so either drop it on your way out or ask your friend or parent to take it for you. If you have rented your wedding dress, make sure it is returend on time.

Finish Paying Your Suppliers: If you still haven’t paid your suppliers before the wedding, make sure you pay your wedding suppliers before leaving to your honeymoon, or assign a family member to drop the money as well.


Distribute Your Wedding Cake: Are there any cake leftovers? Why leave a cake you spent money on to be thrown away? Before your wedding, make sure you give your caterer or venue boxes to place pieces of your wedding cake in, and then ask a family member or friend to drop a box at your close family or friend’s houses. Save the top tier for your first anniversary.

Collect Your DIY Items: If you have some DIY decorating items, like your guest book, a photo booth backdrop you made, just make sure you collect them in one place and arrange for someone to pick them up.