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4 Things to Give Up On and Save Money for Your Wedding

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4 Things to Give Up On and Save Money for Your Wedding

Did you know that there are small details in your daily lifestyle that can really put a strain on your money? If you give up some of these things, you might save some extra money to spend on some wedding details you care about!

Giving up on those things will not only help you save money, but will also make you healthier, so you are the ultimate winner in this case!

Here are some small details you can give up on in order to save more money for your wedding:

  • Bottled Water:

It might not be a big amount, but multiply the change you spend on bottled water every time you buy one at a coffee shop or supermarket, and it might add up to a pretty good amount of money, so invest in a refillable water bottle and fill it at home.

  • Daily Take Away Coffee:

Do you stop by for coffee every morning before heading off to work? Why not make your coffee at home and take it with you?

  • Smoking:

Not only is smoking ruining your health, it is also adding extra costs on your bank account.

  • Eating Out:

Do you eat out more than once a week? It’s time you give up eating at your favorite restaurants 3 times a week and start learning some new cooking skills at home, save some money and improve your cooking skills, it’s a win win!