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4 Tips on How to Negotiate with Your Wedding Vendors

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4 Tips on How to Negotiate with Your Wedding Vendors

Most brides-to-be dread negotiating prices and money issues with their wedding vendors and even discuss wedding budgets with their fiancés, but sometimes you would have to deal with wedding planning’s less glamorous aspects.

Although it is not fun, you shouldn’t worry about negotiating rates with your wedding vendors, because we have some amazing tips to help you speak up and stick to your wedding budget!

Here are 4 tips to help you negotiate with your wedding vendors:

Accept It:

As most brides-to-be don’t like that part when they would have to negotiate rates with their wedding vendors, your goal should be to develop a good working relationship with your them, so that you can then get what you want at a reasonable price.

Show Them They Have Competition:

Don’t start negotiating with your wedding vendors until you get a chance to receive proposals or meet with their competitors. This means knowing exactly what the competitors are offering you for the same price. So you can point out to your vendor what offer his/her competitor is giving you and ask what he/her can give you differently.

Be Nice to Them:

Remember to use the right words, attitude and tone of voice, as we mentioned in the first point, your goal should be to establish a good working relationship with your wedding vendors, if they like you, they will help you.


A lot of couples get better deals by avoiding a weekend-night or picking a date during the off season.