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4 Wedding Details You Really Don’t Need to Worry About Spending Money On

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4 Wedding Details You Really Don’t Need to Worry About Spending Money On

Not every detail in your wedding needs to be worried about or splurged on to make a perfect wedding. There are many details that you can safely save on without ruining your wedding.

We truly believe that an Arab bride can have her dream wedding without spending all her or his money! All you have to do is be clever, flexible, and creative.

To help you out with this, here are 4 wedding details which you shouldn’t worry about when it comes to spending your money on, because eventually no one will notice!

Your Guests: 

Don’t worry that you will offend some people by not inviting them, because those who are really important to you and matter to you will obviously be there, so why invite people you randomly know and meet once or twice a year? Set some wedding guest rules for you, your fiancé, and both your parents! 

For example: 

  • Invite your close friends, but not your college mates whom you have last seen 4 years ago.
  • Invite spouses and serious partners, but not random dates.
  • Invite your boss, and your work colleagues who are really close to you, but not your whole office.

Your Wedding Flowers:

You don’t need to worry about filling every corner of your venue with flowers, because honestly no one will notice!

Choose the freshest flowers which are in season, and use them in the main areas, as for the rest of the areas use some greenery or candles. Or even a better idea, get married in a beautiful garden and save on all your wedding flowers.

Your Wedding Invitations:

Skip the engraved, fancy, cardstock invitations, and opt for a simple design with an unusual color and font! Or just DIY your invitations, making your own wedding invitations on a high-quality computer printer can help you save tons of money, and once you’re done, buy those fancy envelopes separately.

Your Wedding Car:

There is one trick most brides and grooms usually miss when it comes to their wedding car costs, if you do hire a limousine or any fancy car, don’t have the car that took you to the wedding venue wait for you all day, instead book for another to come for you later or even better, use your own personal car when leaving your wedding.